Thanks to all who elected Pauline Hankins to the office

of North Carolina 13th District Judge.  We appreciate

your Support.



Attorney Pauline HankinsIn Brunswick County, district court is currently divided into seven divisions: criminal, abuse and neglect juvenile, delinquent juvenile, DWI, child support, general civil and domestic civil district court.  Unlike any of my opponents, I have practiced extensively in all seven of these divisions for seventeen years.  I would competently preside in all seven divisions with knowledge of the law in each division.   Having jcpenney coupon served as an arbitrator judge for the past 12 years and rendering fair decisions, I am able to bring judicial experience to the bench.  Having experience, I will be able to rightly judge each and every case and render justice for all.I most admire the ability to apply the law to the facts of the case and render an impartial and fair judgment. I appreciate the ability to discern and judge wisely.  I admire judges that are able to maintain a professional demeanor and order in the courtroom at all times while presiding

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